A Holiday Message

It’s that time of year where it’s traditional to look back over the achievements of the prior year and to start to think more carefully about what our aims should be in the forthcoming year.

This has been a formative year for the Educating for the Future Working Group, the newest one in the Computational Science Symposium family. To summarize our achievements we have launched three projects as part of the WG, we have had many attendees at Single Day Events and Connects, we have launched the knowledge repository, we have successfully started populating the repository with material, and we have hosted numerous meetings and telecons to further our ambitions. All in all, we feel very pleased with this first step for the Working Group.  Thank you so much to all the hard work from so many contributors.

Looking forward, there will be some changes.  The most notable will be the transition of some of the Machine Learning Project to the Emerging Trends and Technology Working Group.  Our remit in EFTF is to discover, publish, and curate training material.  The remit for the Emerging Trends & Technologies working group is to be a forum for sharing pre-competitive means of applying new technologies and forming well-defined collaborative projects that describe, prioritize, assess, and assist advancement of these opportunities.” (https://www.phusewiki.org/wiki/index.php?title=Emerging_Technologies)

We will create a new project under EftF called Data Science (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_science) to go along with our Data Engineering & Design Thinking projects.  The DS project will incorporate aspects of Machine Learning among many other topics.  Nicolas Dupuis will be one of the co-leads of this project and we will be recruiting a new co-lead to support him.

Looking forward to next year we hope to have a strong presence at CSS for all our projects in June and look forward to gathering with all of our other WG colleagues.  Also, we intend to initiate a periodic all-hands telecon - possibly quarterly where we give an update across the projects to all of the WG members and share and collaborate within the group any best practices or learnings we have had in our projects.  Our ultimate goal is to populate the knowledge repository with material that has been collated by the teams. Moving forward, we have the ability to access metrics for site use so we can see how many times the material has been viewed, to help us better understand our reach and how we are doing to educate the nearly 10,000 members of PhUSE and beyond on these key topics that will influence the future of our industry.  

Thank you again for all the effort in 2018 and we look forward to an exciting 2019

All the best 

Ian & James