How to use the PhUSE Script Repository

The PhUSE Script Repository is hosted on, and much documentation exists on the full spectrum of GitHub functionality. As a short-cut to getting started viewing, downloading, and uploading scripts, take a look at this User Guide.

Repository Metadata

As more content is added to the repository, organization and user-friendliness becomes more of a challenge. If you are considering contributing a script to the PhUSE Script Repository or are interested in learning more about the Standard Analyses & Code Sharing Working Group’s efforts to address these challenges, watch this PhUSETube video and/or read this whitepaper on adding and using script metadata.

Test Dataset Factory

Essential to the development, testing, and sharing of industry standard scripts are suitable test data, and because even a single script qualification or validation effort can require multiple data scenarios, multiple test datasets need to be developed, perhaps someday even a “factory” that can generate test datasets according to user-entered settings.

The most recent versions of test datasets created by the Test Dataset Factory project of the Standard Analyses & Code Sharing PhUSE Working Group are listed below along with their user guides:

TDF_ADaM: ADaMIG v1.1 Test Datasets: User Guide | Zip File
TDF_SDTM: SDTMIG v3.2 Test Datasets: User Guide | Zip File