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PHUSE Education

Welcome to the PHUSE education content repository


PHUSE Mission

PHUSE is an independent, not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. A society with a membership exceeding 8,000, across more than 30 countries worldwide, PHUSE has become the industry voice to regulatory agencies and standards organisations such as the FDA, EMA & CDISC.

We act as a global platform for the discussion of topics encompassing the work of data managers, biostatisticians, clinical data scientists and eClinical IT professionals.

2018 Tokyo Single Day Event

2018 Tokyo Single Day Event

The goal is to develop and distribute frameworks by which to educate the PHUSE community at large. The frameworks will be designed to inform the community on the importance of topics where we feel we have gaps, the details of the topics themselves, and how they can be used to drive innovation in the industry. 

Education Mission

Educating for the Future Projects

Data Sciences

Drawing conclusions of various (big) data sources

Taking a holistic view of data representation and usage

Innovation through creative problem solving and group ideation


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