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Ridgefield SDE

Our focus is to find better and faster solutions to meet patients’ needs by embracing the change brought forth from technical advances in the pharma landscape. Rapid increase of digital data capture in the clinical trial arena has made the clinical database larger and more diverse. The need for powerful statistical and innovative digital methods to address patients’ clinical experience has become the norm. There is constant need for data standardization and harmonization to evolve through collaborative ideas and innovative techniques in order to create space for innovative and faster technologies. Standards have been developed from data collection to analysis and reporting without compromising regulatory requirements for clinical trials around the world; and bring quality therapies to market faster in order to better serve patients. Advancement in genetics and information technology are making precision medicine a clinical reality – this emphasizes the need for further understanding of data standardization from across innovative digital technologies.

This SDE will focus on the drive to pair faster patient data to solutions for ingesting and understanding vast amounts of data through innovative standards and methodologies, which will ultimately produce faster results from our clinical trials to the benefit of our patients waiting for new therapies.

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