This section has its focus on the works of the PHUSE Education for the Future (EftF): Data Sciences project. With the formation of the project in late 2018 , the team has taken on the mission to explore what data science means for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. You will learn about use cases of data science these industry and how changes in our digital landscape affect them. The working group has taken on the mission to pick up the work from the EftF: Data Engineering Working group and dive deeper into the topic of Data Sciences.

Our holistic approach tries to address the main challenge we are facing in our data science education efforts, which are:

  • the huge diversity of functional and educational background in our industry;

  • the huge disparity of academic and commercial educational content curricula packages. Most of them mainly focus on computer and software orientated, with little on focus statistical and/or medical thinking education.

  • Another issue with such academic and commercial packages, maybe due to their novelty, is that their training is rather focus on one-off, speed-delivery short-term “projects”. None of them offers a holistic approach required by the complexities of long-term sequential experimental projects that we face in the Pharmaceutical R&D.

    Our goal is to offer educational resources and eventually also learning paths towards data sciences in the pharma industry for different educational and functional backgrounds.

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